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July 2023

The blood of Jesus still Works Hallelujah! I was walking on the beach last week, enjoying an evening with my children and this message was flying in the sky.

Sky Banner saying "The Blood of Jesus Still Works Hallelujah"

How many times have I said “God would you just spell it out for me?!” Well, He did! The answer to whatever we are facing is The Blood of Jesus. It still works! Hallelujah!  I encourage you to meditate on the power in the blood. Remember, in your circumstances, that the God of Heaven and Earth sent His son for us. He was tormented so we could live in peace. He was beaten and whipped so we can be healed. He was left and forsaken so that we could be found and grafted in/ adopted. He took on ALL of the punishment for sin that we could be washed clean and have a personal relationship with God. He faced death, hell, and the grave so that we could receive LIFE everlasting. There is more power in one drop of the blood He spilled than we can even comprehend. Whatever is going on in your life, remember, THE BLOOD OF JESUS STILL WORKS HALLELUJAH!





Welcome Back! To clothes processing volunteer Nancy Faircloth!


- BRAND NEW MEN’S & LADIES UNDERWEAR- -  please – please- please host a collection at your church, work, group, team, etc.  Call Tori if you need help.

- New or gently used Sneakers

     -  New shower shoes (flip-flops)

- Deodorant

     -  Gift cards to Walmart, Shell Gas, Ocean State Job Lot

     -  Ongoing Financial support

     -  Leads to grants and awards

- *New or gently used men's clothing* 


       Malta’s 2nd Wednesday Community Roundtable met successfully again in June as people from different agencies and organizations attended and welcomed David Frazer from DMHAS/SMHA.

     Check us out on Social Media.  Please follow Malta Inc. on Facebook and Instagram. You can help us spread the word by liking, sharing, and commenting on our posts. 

     BIG Thanks to Jim Deschenes from UNFI! Jim applied for a grant for us through his employer and we were awarded a $3000 donation. Thanks UNFI and thank you Jim!

For more updates, changing often, look around this website in the Latest News section for photos and more regarding God at work through our involvement with the community and: Covenant Shelter, New London Homeless Hospitality Center (shelter) and Warming Center, Noank Youth Shelter, St. Vincent DePaul Place, Fellowship House, Safe Futures and more.

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