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Malta's 23rd Annual
Samaritan Swim!

On January 1st, 2023 we made a splash at Eastern Point Beach, Groton, CT! WCTY provided music and gave live updates to their listeners. Swimmers took the plunge into the Sound at noon. There are always a few brave souls who swim around for a few minutes, but most had a quick dip and then joined spectators for refreshments and warm beverages in the Zbierski House and on the beach.

Thank you to everyone who helped make the day a success!! Special thanks to our participants and sponsors (featured below) and others who donated their time and support.

Here is a video of our swimmers taking the plunge!

Scroll down to see some pictures from the Swim!

Edith Lamprecht.jpg

Edith Lamprecht is ready to take the plunge!” This is her 18th year participating in the Samaritan Swim.

Stepping in to take the plunge!


Malta Street Ministry Volunteer Peter Keramidas takes the plunge for the first time in place of daughter Kera Keramidas. Kera has been a faithful participant in the Swim for 19 years but was ill so Dad jumped in - in more ways than one.


Pictures from the Swim!

Thank to all our Samaritan Swim Sponsors!