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Will's New Place

Will has a place “for life”!!! After the better part of 20 years homeless, Will (on left) is in a

place of his own. After many years of patient ministry and interaction with Will by so many MALTA volunteers, Will began to see a hope and a future for himself with new eyes.

He began to come and pray and learn with one of our volunteers especially, and came to salvation in Jesus. Even though he still struggles with some big things, Will made great strides in many aspects of life and accepted help and guidance from social workers he connected with during MALTA public office hours. As a result of his changes, the great efforts of his social workers and the encouragement he receives through his faith and MALTA volunteers, I was privileged to follow him and his social worker, Nick (on right) as he entered his home for the first time today. While TVCCA is providing Will with furniture and some basic household items, MALTA was able to provide Will with a microwave, comforter set, pillows and other items, as well as groceries. Thank you to everyone who has poured into Will’s life. Please pray for him as he engages in this new lifestyle. He will still have Nick from TVCCA in his life on a regular basis, and come to MALTA on Wednesdays, but needs prayer covering.

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