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Malta Volunteers Meeting 2022

Friday night Street Team volunteer Kevin Marr takes a selfie with some of the the volunteers in attendance at Malta 's Volunteers Meeting on October 17.

Kevin Marr takes a selfie at the Volunteer Meeting

It marked the first time that volunteers had met together since before the pandemic. The meeting was well attended by volunteers from every aspect of the ministry from clothes processing, to street teams, food preparation, and cooking & deliveries.

Volunteer Beth Spicer gave her testimony of her life going from experiencing homelessness and living in a Groton encampment to being housed, sober, and having the joy of the Lord! Beth now processes clothing, serves at our Tuesday breakfast ministry in Pawcatuck, is our Lead Volunteer on Wednesdays during our public hours at Malta h. q., and serves some evenings with our Friday Night Street Team. Recently she has shared her testimony at Groton Heights Baptist Church and Ledyard Rotary club, as well. Beth's story is one that really reflects Malta's mission and we are overjoyed to have her serving with us!

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