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Filling Tanks

Meet Melissa and Frankie.

Two different people from different areas, with different stories but the same needs. Encouragement, housing and gas. Currently experiencing homelessness, Mellissa wanted to connect with family in another state as she looked for employment and housing. A friend lent her a car and Malta filled the tank for her trip.

Frankie and his girlfriend have lived in their van for the last 18 months since he lost his full-time job because of Covid. While he waits to hear back for a job he has applied for, he is Door-Dashing, but with the cost of gas sometimes only breaks even. While we were unable to connect them to housing, Malta was there to give both Melissa and Frankie encouragement through kindness, prayer, connection to other services, and material goods such as clothing, toiletries, food - and gas!

Please consider a donation of $50 which will allow Malta to fill someone's gas tank so they, too, can continue on their journey.

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