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Ends & Beginnings

Finishing out the year, we were blessed to make deliveries on Christmas to the men at Fellowship House and the Women at Community of Hope. Thank you for helping, through your donations, volunteering, and prayers, to us bless and be blessed!

Then, we began the new year with a bang! or rather a Splash! Thank you to everyone who donated, swam, sponsored, supported, and volunteered! Through this God continues to show me that HE PROVIDES! 

One situation in particular comes to mind. I needed to pick up the sponsor sign and so I drove to pick it up on the Friday before the Swim. I got there and read the sign on the door. They aren't open on Fridays. I decided to call the number on the door. A kind gentleman answered and said he just so happened to be in the building he was going to let me in. When I walked in he said "That phone's been ringing all day and I haven't answered it at all until right now. I don't even know why I answered it this time. Have you been trying to get through?" My answer no - He answered the first time I called! Then I gave him the information on what I was picking up - they didn't have it. The order was never filled because it was missed in a ton of emails while the woman was out sick. The man told me he didn't know how to use the machines but he would see what he could do, took my number, and I left without a sign. Less than an hour later I received the call that our sign was printed and ready, he was leaving it where I could go and grab it. There were so many times in this that it just shouldn't have worked. BUT GOD. He didn't have me call the number for nothing, He didn't have the man answer the phone for nothing, He didn't have him in the building for nothing, He didn't have him let me in for nothing, He didn't have him check to see about the order for nothing. There was no sign BUT God.

What a wonderful reminder, both at the end of a year and the beginning, that God provides.

Checkout the Past Samaritan Swims page to see pictures!

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